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Games Workshop Posts Annual Report

One interesting story I heard about while at Gen Con was the apparent deportation of the Games Workshop staff that'd come to town for the show. Apparently, when they said, "We're here to work at Gen Con," the customs official said, "Oh? Here to work? Where's your work visas, then?" To which there was a bit of mumbling and eventually the sending of them home again. Now, I don't have documentation of that, only what I heard "through the grapevine." So take it with a grain of salt. In other Games Workshop news, they've posted up their Annual Report to investors.

Yeah, I wasn't sure how to make a news story about investor reports interesting at the start, so I threw in that story from Gen Con. But to the report, itself, which you can read all of it in .pdf format, it is... a bunch of back and forth in somewhat legal-ese that I'm not very adept at reading. But it seems that sales were up slightly over the year. There's been some decline in sales in Europe due to the restructuring, but it sounds like sales were up in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. GW was also successful in reducing costs, overall, due to the restructuring.

I do want to share one quote from the report that I found interesting.
"Before I go into what each key element is I'd like to share a thought. I believe we are a unique business and I understand that some people find us and our product a little odd and possibly a little quirky too. We are both of these and we are proud of it. I also know I am CEO of one of the most exciting companies creating fun on the planet. We forget most days because we are all focused on delivering our jobs. Our Hobby is great fun. We really do intend to be around forever, creating fun."