Games Workshop posts a new Warhammer 40k trailer

By TGN Ross
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Jun 8th, 2012

Games Workshop posts up a new teaser for Warhammer 40k. We will find out what it is on 6-23-12.

From their post:

+++Transmission intercepted, advanced encryption override initiated+++

Servitor 13 has just intercepted this video link. At present we have no firm details as to what it is about, but it appears to be related to Warhammer 40,000. Since intercepting this transmission, communication with the Studio has fallen suspiciously silent. Servo-skulls have been sent in to investigate – we will let you know of any future developments.

  • ater daeus

    Would have had more punch had they shown this months ago.

  • Grim6

    Oh man, I hope it’s for a new line of paints!!!

    (Just kidding…)

    • Bewulf

      Na, it’s clearly for a barbecue. Flame grilled chicken anyone?

      Now this is an honest question: Is anyone exited by these teasers? I thought teasers should exited or at least want to make you know more, but I can’t shake the feeling that the GW teasers are absolutely failing that.

      • I’m with you… these trailers do nothing.

        27 seconds of a bit of noise, a date and two logos… with no information… why bother?

        As has already been mentioned, we all knew it was coming, will be more expensive than the last one, will change all the books to ruin the armies we have collected and will be aimed at the younger set with over-simplistic rules…

        … but I guess the date could have nothing to do with an actual release… it could be the date for a picture of quarter of the box, in blurred ‘servitor’ green imagery for all we know.

        It gets a big yawn from me 🙂

        • GhedJennar

          I’m guessing that the date is for the next video teaser…and so on…

  • Sejanus

    Oh how exciting…I wonder what remaining rules they can still dumb down.

    • Veritas

      Well, I’ve been reading the rumors with a sort of morbid curiosity and the game is apparently getting more complex. I think they’ve gone so simple over the years that they’ve managed to get to a place where there’s nowhere else to go BUT more complex. Heh.

      • Borzag

        From everything I’ve seen it’s less “more complex” and more “Apocalypse as standard”.

        They may as well ‘fess up and admit they’d rather you play Epic with 28mm scale.

    • metalsifter

      They could change combat to a “rock, paper, scissors” game instead of combat charts and dice!

  • Sisyphus

    Come on… raise the price on me baby! Ho yeah!

  • Kraan

    Oh, c’mon, you all know the deal! Little teaser saying nothing, then all the forums on the internet show us what’s new, except something gw affiliated. Then when we all know more than those poor GW employees, big trailer of what’s to come…except we all knew better…. … … … … … … … … …

    And finally a new raise in prices all over the board, with maybe more failcast than plastic!

    YOU know it’s true! :]

    • odinsgrandson

      Naw, you got the order wrong. The forums show us what’s new, then they give us a trailer that says nothing.

      In this case, some kind of early version of the new rulebook was leaked ages ago, and the forums have been debating on how much of it is going to be in actual sixth edition 40k.

  • Hudson

    Oh yippee. More space marines in new colors to charge 50 dollars a codex for and all the 15 year olds rejoiced!

    Crap system, crap mechanics, terrible game

    • begisle

      Weird. if it’s a crap system, crap mechanics, terrible game, why is GW still the big dawg for?

      • Hudson

        Because they provide places to play? That’s about it fanboy

        • Mananarepublic

          Since you are obviously not a fanboy, which systems and models are better/more fairly priced?


      • metalsifter

        Every year they sell less units but at higher prices. They can only keep that up for so long.

      • XombieKrig

        Because people are loathe give up a game they’re in the hole hundreds or thousands of dollars for

      • XombieKrig

        I’m also pretty skeptical that their rate of growth is anywhere near other companies’. They don’t promote their games or really participate in the wider community of wargames, they go purely on the back of brand recognition. That can only hurt them in the long run.

  • Killraven

    Checkers is a terrible game if you are looking for the mechanics of chess. Chess is a terrible game if you’re looking for the multi-player back-stabbing and randomness of Risk. Risk is a terrible game if you’re looking for skirmish style squad mechanics…. etc., etc.

    40K is okay for what it is, a relatively simple, beginner’s game. It’s just unfortunate that it’s not priced that way.

    Back on topic… the “teaser” really is pretty lame, and as been said, much too late to care about at this point. It’s also rather difficult to imagine why they would expect anybody to be overly excited at a new edition.

    Now, if they were going to do something a bit more creative with it, like instead of releasing the standard two armies plus mini-rulebook, go with a single 500-1000pt force plus a mini-rulebook, then have boxes available for every army. THAT would be at least kinda cool.

  • brainleaf

    This is getting a fair flaming here on TGN judging by the comments .which says quite a bit about how GW and 40k are viewed outside of dedicated forums .think we all knew it was coming out round June July since this time last year i can see why ppl wold be underwhelmed by this short clip which tells us nothing of any real use .even the music is just lifted from the ultramarine’s movie which was utter rubbish oh sorry over priced rubbish shocker eh.two minutes in after effects and throw it out yeah great job there GW .

    If this is the effort they put into promoting it, then what about the actual rules ?

  • Waste of time and effort to tell me they’ll tell me something later. Please.

  • 1voice2many

    ARE YOU GUYS ALL HIGH!?! That was awesome! I am SO gettin’ back in to 40K now!

  • Hi!

    Despite the lame trailer and booing about GW prices I must admit I am actually going to be interested in taking a look at the new edition of 40k and I’ve not played since 2nd edition.

    All the best

    • Although I’m reluctant to admit it, I’m interested as well. I skipped 4 and 5 but I was an avid player of the earlier editions.

    • brainleaf

      I haven’t really taken to the latest versions of 40k either .and despite what i may say i do want these rules to put 40k back on the map ,not just for the number of players but because its actually a good fun game .but i think the rules are to tied to the codex books to allow much room to flex.ah you never know they could shock us all yet and bring out a great rule set…. wouldn’t hold my breath mind 😉

  • Tamwulf

    This is a little too short, too late, and too underwhelming. It’s like GW is putting next to zero effort into promoting their own game. This close to release and they give us this little thing with recycled artwork and music that really says nothing at all?

    I’m trying to decide if GW is really that arrogant or ignorant…

    • metalsifter

      It’s not that they aren’t putting any effort into their advertising, it’s that they think they are so big that’s all they have to do to garner interest in their product.

      They really do believe that their fans will be holding their breath waiting for another preview to build excitement over the new edition.

      • odinsgrandson

        Fans are holding their breath all right- but they’re all hoping that their army wasn’t the one screwed over by the new rules set.

        Ultimately, almost all 40k players know that they’ll have to change something about their army when the new rules come out. Dedicated players take it in stride, but there are always a few who take it as an opportunity to jump ship (yeah, I know both types).

  • Polar_Bear

    Well, the idea of a preview is to get you talking about the game… which they’ve managed to do… though not really possibly in the way they’d’ve wanted.

  • I”m not into Fantasy or 40K, and I have no idea what in the world GW is trying to promote… It doesn’t do a thing for me. I get that it’s not to entice new players, but even so, there should have been something more to it than a date.

    Especially with the little bit of fluff they sent along to go with the video. The fluff was a lot more interesting. lol

  • KelRiever

    I don’t care if you like GW or not. That wasn’t a trailer.

    That was some animated graphic of a date.

    Maybe they should make calendars, instead?

  • Nivanti

    Just play Dust warfare and back sedition wars instead.

  • Ballentyne

    Aaah, I remember when you could get three rhino’s for under a tenner…. halcyon days. These days…. meh…. I’m now at an age where I can afford it all… I just dont have the time 😀