Games Workshop new Tanglewire now on sale

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Jul 12th, 2012

Games Workshop made terrain more of an interactive thing in the latest edition of 40k. Well, they’ve got plenty of their own forms to choose from. Also, they’ve now got tanglewire on sale.

From the announcement:

The new Tanglewire pack contains two rolls of coiled wire approximately 6″ in length, though each coil can be stretched to multiply the length of the Tanglewire many times over. It can be used in accordance with the Tanglewire rule, to decorate tank traps and other scenery, or as a piece of battlefield debris terrain on its own. Add this to your tabletop today.

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  • Grindar

    What makes this different from the razor wire they’ve always sold?

    • Doc

      it won’t slice your fingers open…

      • The old stuff wouldn’t either — this is the same wire wrapped around a wire they’ve always sold. Now it has a new name.

        • Doc

          actually the first iteration would.. it was etched brass IIRC.

  • Absolutionis

    It’s the same price as it always has been? How is this on sale?

    • Doc

      on sale, as being sold, not as in “ON SALE!”

      • Marauder

        Shouldn’t that be “for sale” then?

  • keltheos

    “On sale now” would have been cleaner and prevented these deep conversations we’re having.