Games Workshop looking for Trainee Miniature Designer

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Sep 14th, 2013

Games Workshop is looking to add to their staff with a new Trainee Miniature Designer. Do you have what it takes?


From the announcement:

Are you excited by the thought of designing Citadel miniatures all day, every day? Have you got what it takes to join the biggest and best miniatures design team in the world?

We are looking for someone who enjoys making things and solving practical design problems, so that they can add value to the Citadel miniatures design team. You will need to be passionate about Citadel miniatures and obsessed with creating and improving miniatures, working effectively with other members of the team, to deliver on time at the highest level of quality.

You will work as part of the design team, taking personal responsibility for planning your work, designing and sculpting high quality miniatures on a daily basis. You will be responsible for developing your skills to design the best possible miniatures. You will be expected to participate in discussions with the design team that seek ways to constantly improve our miniatures.

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  • …all day every day?

    How about some excitement with some interesting things thrown in for good measure. Anything all day every day will eventually be awful.

  • Grim6

    I have to think that the first question on the interview is:

    “What do you think of the Space Marine Centurion?”

    • cannondaddy

      “Needs more skulls”

      “… You’re hired!”

  • Sisyphus

    … and more gunz…

    • Sisyphus

      and more bitz….

      • Sisyphus

        and a higher price because you love the Emperor…

        • Haibane

          “Needz bigger shoulder pads”

          “…sorry the position is filled – have you tried Privateer Press?”

          • Grim6

            I thought that was the response to:

            “I think the legs should be more spindly…”

          • 4tonmantis

            That was for last year’s candidates.. which followed the 2011 question of “how do you feel about stubby swords?”

          • Veritas

            This year’s should be anatomically ridiculous horses.

  • Mananarepublic

    When will g-dubb bashing get boring?

    The Internet: “when we have killed 90% of their business, at which point we will complain about it and talk about the good old days..”

    A million plastic skulls just sighed..


    • Soulfinger

      I see some ribbing but where is the bashing?

    • blkdymnd

      And to answer your question, no it never gets boring. And if they were ever down to their last 10% of the company (only a dream), then gamers could finally move on to the myriad games out there that respect their customer base. I love the background, the models are great in the majority, but I’ll never respect what they do to their loyal customers and game stores on a continued basis.

      • Soulfinger

        And that’s more of a constructive criticism than bashing.

    • 4tonmantis

      I don’t think you get it.. usually the bashing is followed by the aforementioned talk of said “good old days”. The lack of the way it was in the good old days paired with the growing trend towards screwing everyone that isn’t named Jervis over is what pisses people off enough that they feel the need to crack on them. In closing, I would like to add, that if GW would stop giving the bashers material to work with, the bashing would stop. Notice that there is some PP jabbing going on above.. notice that it’s based on some goofy aesthetic choices? That’s because it’s all they give us to bitch about.

      • Mananarepublic

        If all you’re upset with pp is some goofy sculpt choices than you are looking at them through a very special glass..

        As a person that has been with e hobby for more than 20 years and still come back to gw for good quality (not 100% quality though – there is still a question of taste) I can just shrug my shoulders at comments about the good old days… I couldn’t afford to buy s**t even back then so nothing’s changed as far as I am concerned…

        So I guess you’re right, if you prefer pp sculpts than I guess gw ditto looks like crap/are too expensive/have to many skulls/insert your own complaint..


        • Mananarepublic

          Sorry about the spelling errors… Writing on a pad..

        • 4tonmantis

          ….still missing the point. The problems people have with GW are not about sculpts (only) .. People don’t have these “other” problems with PP because PP keeps their head down and takes care of fans.
          GW on the other hand, goes out of their way to screw over independent retailers, online sellers, artistic fans, their employees, and anyone who buys an army.. since almost without fail, they have made it so that you need to buy at least half of your army over again when a new army book is released. This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t continually spike the prices and make the army books harder to buy (srsly.. a 50 buck hard back?)

          This is only the stuff that immediately springs to mind and it isn’t counting what they’ve done to Games Day, Grand Tournaments, and White Dwarf over the years. Oh yeah, I forgot about finecast… and what they did to their sculptors..

          You say you couldn’t buy GW then or now.. so .. why are you even in this conversation.. it sounds like you have never been and never plan on being a patron of theirs. While there are others of us who have been and wish things had gone on the way they were but no longer can.

  • Gallant

    So true. For those eager to bash GW, there is so much material to work with.

  • BDub

    Translation: HELP! Jes Goodwin is leaving us, and we don’t have a leg to stand on!