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Games Workshop closes global HQs, discontinues whole armies & more

Games Workshop has a lot changes in the works since their stock drop the other day. gives us some more insight into what they've announced.


From the article:

Following the recent announcement of their half-year shareholder report, we reported about the dramatic loss of 24% of Games Workshop's market value.

Sources from within GW now confirm that at the same time, GW UK has apparently announced the closing of their international Headquarters with the intention to centralize these functions in the UK.
Letters of termination have been issued to HQ staff worldwide, some were allegedly offered a position in the UK.

Amidst these developments, new details seem to emerge regarding rumors of GW discontinuing whole armies (esp. in WHFB). Some rumors even talk about store closures on a large scale.
More and more details emerge from within GW and the next days will continue to proof exciting.