Games Workshop Announces New Hobby Products Available

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Nov 14th, 2011

Games Workshop Announces New Hobby Products Available:

From their announcement:

A whole stack of great items to support your hobby are now available for you to Advance Order. From the Paint Station +, to the new Army Figure Cases – in both green and brown – as well as the ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass book, ‘Eavy Metal Brush Set and the Citadel Tool Kit, there’s plenty here to help you build your armies, keep your collections safe and improve your painting skills.

However, just like the Mega Paint Set (which, within a matter of weeks, has sold out online!) many of these new products are only available While Stocks Last. To avoid missing out, make sure you place your order today.

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  • admanb

    I was hoping for an expansion to the do-it-yourself-vasectomy (lap modeling station) that they released earlier.

    Alternately, they’re now one step away from laser-cut foam trays: who else wants to see Romeo try to sue GW?

    • lordofexcess

      LOL 🙂

  • unihead

    Games Workshop have always pushed the envelope of decency when it comes to price but that ‘Eavy Metal Brush Set’ is an absolute disgrace. AUD$83 for a tin tray, a couple of sable brushes and a couple of pots of painting medium?

    As we so eloquently say in Australia, “get your hand off it!”

  • unihead
  • I’m also guessing the “sold out” phrase is marketing to get people to buy the stuff before it’s “too late.”

    Furthermore, they might have made a small run of each product so they would sell out to make them seem like rare, hard to get items.

  • surprize

    I can’t believe people are so cynical. Winsor & Newton Series 7 are widely acknowledged to be the best brushes ever and are about £15 for two of similar size to these masters ones. Of course GW will have cobbled together a pair of brushes that are twice as good as the best brushes on the market and shame on anyone who thinks otherwise.

    • Killraven

      But of course. The W&N Series 7 is perfectly adequate for mere artists, painting on their ever-so-common flat canvases, but Games Workshop knew they had to improve on that bit of commonness to meet the refined needs of a Golden Daemon competitor!

      • KelRiever


  • lordofexcess

    I agree with the comments so far. The items in these sets can be acquired via different manufacturers for far lower prices. This is typical GW, not servicing customers but asking the customers to service them … the fanboys line up and kneel as usual. Any criticism of GW though will just get shouted down by the fanboys 🙂

    • keltheos

      Nice Occupy GW comment there. 😉

  • Jarec

    Is it just me or haven’t we seen all this stuff before in different colours. Or is the different colours what makes it unique and limited edition?

    What next, figure cases with signed certificates to say that you have case number 150 or 25000

  • Zombie_Taco

    so everyone is mad that GW did some new colors?

    THOSE JERKS!!!!!