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Games Workshop announces a return to Middle Earth

Games Workshop has announced The Lord of the Rings will get all new miniatures and five new Sourcebooks.

From their announcement:

Deep within the lands of Middle-earth, an evil power is stirring. In Mordor the Dark Lord Sauron is gathering his armies to him - Orcs, Men and other creatures too evil to mention. Vast hordes of warriors spill forth from the Black Gate intent on destruction and devastation - the One Ring will be found and the world will fall beneath the Dark Lord's might. Against his vast armies stand the Kingdoms of Men, who have defended their lands from invasion time and time again - their warriors are exhausted, their lands have been ravaged, and their heroes have been slain. Yet hope remains, for both the Elves and the Dwarves have taken up arms to fight alongside them, and the Ring of Power has been found.

Now is the time to ready your Mûmaks, unleash your Wargs, saddle your horses and string your bows, because very soon The Lord of the Rings will get a whole host of new miniatures and five superb new Sourcebooks with which to build your armies. Excited? I know I am! To find out more about all these fantastic models, and to see a bit more about the new books, simply click on the links below where you can advance order them ready for next weekend. If you place your order before midnight on Sunday and have them shipped to your local Hobby Centre, then they will be sitting there waiting for you next Saturday on the day of release. Anyway, check them out in the links below, and then come back here to find out more about them all.

Okay, so what have we got? Well the denizens of Moria now have access to the brutally violent and utterly terrifying Watcher in the Water. Put it this way, no one is going to want to sneak up on your underground lair ever again. However, if someone is courageous enough to brave the depths of Moria, and cunning enough to get past the Watcher in the Water (maybe they used the back door), then the Dwellers in the Dark will be waiting for them. Much like the Balrog, they are demon creatures born of dark magic and evil intent, and with a stat line that is comparable to many Good heroes, you really won't want to end up in combat with them. And if that wasn't enough, you've also got two new heroes and a trio of Goblins mounted on a Warg Marauder (it's like a normal Warg, but bigger and nastier).

Over in the East we have also have brand new Easterling Kataphrakts - a multi-part plastic kit with 70 components - perfect for customizing your Easterling warriors. There are even parts in there to make a banner bearer, musician and a Captain - it's a mini army in a box right there. You've now also got a mounted Amdûr, mounted War Priest and mounted Dragon Knight, all available in Citadel Finecast.

And Mordor, glorious Mordor, you've got a new monster - the Great Beast of Gorgoroth. Essentially it's a living battering ram of destruction and, much like the Mûmak, it's covered in evil warriors. Admittedly these ones are Orcs and not quite as accurate at shooting as Haradrim, but they more than make up for it in enthusiasm.

But that's not all (really?). Many of the commander boxes have now been repackaged to include a new hero model. For example, the Rohan Commanders box now includes the King's Huntsman - a veteran warrior of many years who has a habit of shooting enemy warriors in very painful places. He's also very good at hunting down enemy heroes.

To be honest, there's so much to talk about I have completely run out of space - I didn't even get on to the new books! To find out more about the models, make sure you read February's copy of White Dwarf, which is available in your local Hobby Centre this Saturday.