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Games Workshop announce Dreadfleet

Games Workshop have posted details of a new fantasy naval game, Dreadfleet, set in the Warhammer universe. Dreadfleet From their website:
Dreadfleet is a standalone boxed game for two (or more) players that includes everything you need to make war on the high seas of the Warhammer world. At your command are two fleets of ships - the Dreadfleet led by the Vampire Count Noctilus, aboard his gargantuan sea-hulk the Bloody Reaver; and the Grand Alliance commanded by the Pirate Captain Jaego Roth, who recently stole the Heldenhammer - the pride of the Imperial Fleet, and one of the largest galleons to ever sail the high seas. After his family's death at the hands of Count Noctilus, Captain Jaego Roth is after revenge and no one will get in his way.
Like everything that comes from the Warhammer world, this game is completely fantastical, with flying Undead galleons, warships crewed by mystical creatures, flying skeletal piranhas, pirate Captains that'd make Errol Flynn blush with inadequacy, and more Cannons, Bolt Throwers and Organ Guns than a Dwarf artillery convention. The scene for this epic confrontation between good (well, alive at any rate) and evil (definitely evil) is the Galleon's Graveyard, an otherworldly place from which Count Noctilus draws his power, and the final destination of Captain Jaego Roth and his mission of retribution. Within the game there are ten unique warships, each with their own Captain. Each of these warships has their own special rules and abilities, which means you'll have plenty of opportunity to try out new tactics and ways to play. While most of our games are traditionally for two players, the inclusion of ten different ships means that you could potentially have ten people playing in one battle - one as each warship. Essentially there's never been a better excuse to invite over all your friends and family to play a new game. I can just see my nan playing this - I'll give her the Dwarf Ironclad, Grimnir's Thunder, because, just like its Captain, she's old, grumpy and hard as nails. While the basic rules themselves are easy to get to grips with, mastering the tactics and abilities of your fleet will keep you playing for years to come.