Games Workshop announce Citadel Fine Cast range

By tgn_admin
In 40K
May 16th, 2011

Gifts For Geeks is the first to release information about the new Games Workshop Citadel Fine Cast range of resin figures

From their website:

Starting from the 28th of May 120 products that were Games Workshop direct only items will be coming back on the shelves as resin or resin Hybrids. This new range “Citadel Fine Cast” range will be limited in number for the first few months, so we will be taking advance orders for them.

Here are the new recast products at the full RRP;

  • 41-60 Commander Dante £10.50
  • 53-60 Logan Grimnar £14.50
  • 55-61 The Emperors Champion £9.50
  • 48-63 Space Marine Chaplain With Jump Pack £10.50
  • 44-60 Dark Angels Company Master £10.50
  • 48-61 Sm Librarian In Terminator Armour £14.50
  • 53-61 Njal Stormcaller £14.50
  • 41-61 Astorath The Grim £12.50
  • 43-60 Abaddon The Despoiler £14.50
  • 43-61 Huron Blackheart £10.50
  • 50-61 Ork Warboss With Attack Squig £14.50
  • 50-63 Ork Big Mek £14.50
  • 50-65 Ork Painboy With Grot Orderly £10.50

  • 46-61 Eldar Autarch With Power Weapon £10.50
  • 46-62 The Avatar Of Khaine £22.50
  • 46-63 Harlequin Death Jester £10.50
  • 46-64 Harlequin Shadowseer £10.50
  • 47-61 Commissar Yarrick £10.50
  • 47-63 Imperial Guard Lord Commissar £9.50
  • 51-61 Tyranid Zoanthrope £15.50
  • 51-63 Tyranid Tyrant Guard £15.50
  • 51-64 Tyranid Hive Guard £15.50
  • 51-65 Tyranid Broodlord £15.50
  • 57-61 Brother Captain Stern £14.50
  • 57-60 Lord Kaldor Draigo £14.50
  • 57-62 Castellan Crowe £10.50
  • 57-63 Inquisitor Coteaz £10.50
  • 45-60 Dark Eldar Archon £9.50
  • 45-64 Lelith Hesperax £10.50
  • 45-63 Urien Rakarth £10.50
  • 45-61 Dark Eldar Succubus £9.50
  • 56-60 Tau Ethereal With Honour Blade £9.50
  • 83-62 Chaos Exalted Hero £9.50
  • 83-63 Chaos Khorne Exalted Hero £10.50
  • 86-60 Empire Captain With Hammer & Pistol £9.50
  • 92-60 Wood Elf Highborn With Great Weapon £9.50
  • 84-60 Dwarf Lord With Hammer & Shield £9.50
  • 84-61 Dwarf Runelord With Great Weapon £9.50
  • 90-60 Skaven Warlord £9.50
  • 90-61 Queek Headtaker £10.50
  • 90-62 Deathmaster Snikch £10.50
  • 91-61 Vampire Lord £9.50
  • 89-60 Grimgor Ironhide £10.50
  • 89-62 Black Orc Big Boss £10.50
  • 87-60 Caradryan £10.50
  • 85-61 Dark Elf Assassin With Two Hand Weapons £9.50
  • 81-60 Malagor The Dark Omen £12.50
  • 10-61 Uruk-Hai With Crossbows £14.00
  • 10-62 Uruk-Hai Berserkers £14.00
  • 08-61 Gothmog (Pelennor) £20.50
  • 05-60 Elrond And Gil-Galad £15.00
  • 10-60 Saruman And Grima £15.00
  • 02-60 Gandalf The White £20.50
  • 04-60 Aragorn (The Black Gate) £20.50
  • 04-62 Theoden (Helm’s Deep) £20.50
  • 04-61 Boromir (Ithilien) £20.50
  • 09-60 Suladan The Serpent Lord £20.50
  • 08-62 The Dark Marshal (Ringwraith) £20.50
  • 05-61 Dain And Balin £15.00
  • 97-60 Skulltaker £14.50
  • 48-40 Marneus Calgar And Honour Guard £36.00
  • 48-41 Space Marine Techmarine With Servitors £25.50
  • 55-40 Black Templars Sword Brethren Squad £25.50
  • 48-42 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad £25.50
  • 48-43 Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad £25.50
  • 53-40 Canis Wolfborn £30.00
  • 43-40 Nurgle Daemon Prince £21.50
  • 43-41 Chaos Space Marine Raptors £25.50
  • 43-42 Death Guard Plague Marines £25.50
  • 50-43 Boss Zagstruk £14.50
  • 50-40 Ghazghkull Thraka £22.50
  • 50-41 Ork Tankbustas £25.50
  • 50-42 Ork Big Mek With Shokk Attack Gun £23.00
  • 46-41 Eldar Rangers £20.50
  • 46-42 Eldar Dark Reapers £23.00
  • 46-44 Eldar Striking Scorpions £23.00
  • 46-40 Eldar Farseer And Warlocks £20.50
  • 51-42 Tyranid Lictor £15.50
  • 51-40 Tyranid Hive Tyrant £36.00
  • 51-41 Tyranid Pyrovore £21.50
  • 45-40 Dark Eldar Incubi £23.00
  • 45-41 Dark Eldar Mandrakes £20.50
  • 56-40 Tau Sniper Drone Team £23.00
  • 83-42 Archaon The Everchosen £30.00
  • 83-43 Chaos Lord On Daemonic Mount £22.50
  • 83-41 Chaos Dragon Ogre Shaggoth £36.00
  • 86-41 Ludwig Schwarzhelm £22.50
  • 86-40 Kurt Helborg £22.50
  • 82-41 The Green Knight £22.50
  • 82-40 King Louen Leoncoeur £30.00
  • 92-42 Wood Elves Tree Kin £30.00
  • 92-40 Orion King In The Woods £22.50
  • 92-41 Wood Elves Treeman £36.00
  • 84-40 Thorek Ironbrow £36.00
  • 84-41 Dwarf Gyrocopter £23.00
  • 84-42 Dwarf Bolt Thrower £23.00
  • 90-40 Skaven Warplock Jezzails £30.00
  • 91-40 Vampire Counts Varghulf £21.50
  • 91-42 Count Mannfred £22.50
  • 91-41 Vampire Counts Blood Knights £61.50
  • 88-41 Kroq Gar £40.00
  • 89-44 Goblin Spear Chukka £18.50
  • 89-43 Savage Orc Great Shaman On War Boar £15.50
  • 89-41 Orc Warboss On Wyvern £40.00
  • 89-42 Goblin Rock Lobber £23.00
  • 89-45 Gorbad Ironclaw £30.00
  • 89-40 Azhag The Slaughterer £55.00
  • 85-41 Dark Elves Reaper Bolt Thrower £18.50
  • 08-40 The Dark Lord Sauron £25.50
  • 08-42 Gulahvar The Terror Of Arnor £30.00
  • 08-43 Mordor Troll Chieftain £25.50
  • 02-40 The Fellowship Of The Ring £37.00
  • 97-42 Flamers Of Tzeentch £15.50

  • Man, I hope I don’t have to pay US$41.00 for the same iffy sculpts of the same seven Plague Marines, now in limited quantities of bubbly, bendy resin.

    • Mechanical.Horizon

      No, the sculpts are the same ones, just made in the new material.

  • Will B

    I prefer resin over metal so I’m happy about this change – are the prices the same as the metals?

    • Mechanical.Horizon

      Most of them are more expensive than the former metal models. There is a price comparison here:

      • Zac

        Well there was an opportunity to help their fans that went totally %$#!ing wasted.

        I was thinking that the prices were going to stay the same but this is silly.

        • Veritas

          As soon as I heard the name “Finecast” I knew GW was going to take the opportunity to bend us over the barrel. The branding makes it sound like these are the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce for mini gamers. Of course there’s going to be a price hike!

    • mathieu

      are the prices the same as the metals?

      Not really.

      Skaven characters: £8.70 -> 10.50 (+21%)

      Skulltaker: £12.30 -> 14.50 (+18%)

      Gandalf the white: £17 -> 20.50 (+21%)

      Blood knights: £51.25 -> 61.50 (+20%)

      That’s a pretty stiff increase for models that are going to be made of a much cheaper material, and likely with the same masters, tools and equipment they used for the metal versions. I for one will expect utterly flawless castings, and will definitely request replacement pieces should the mould lines take more than a handful of minutes to clean up.

      • scottjm

        And rightly you should demand replacement pieces. From their own ridiculous statement below it sure sounds like these are simply the greatest miniatures mankind has ever made.

        “Games Workshop’s quest to create the best quality miniatures in the world is about to take a huge step forward…

        On 28th May we are launching Citadel Finecast miniatures to the world.
        Don’t miss the full announcement on on the 23rd May to find out more.
        Be sure to be at your local Hobby Centre to experience this unique, once-in-a-lifetime launch day! This will be your first chance to see, touch and buy Citadel Finecast miniatures.

        In the meantime, there’s only one question you need to ask yourself:
        “What will my first Citadel Finecast miniature be?”
        Ah ha, so that’s what they’ve been up to in the Studio. I had wondered why, when I walked in there, people kept hiding models under their desk. From what I’ve seen of the new miniatures (I accidentally picked one of them up without realising what it was) they look absolutely stunning. So stay tuned, because next Monday you’ll all get to find out a whole lot more about them.”

        If they’re from the same molds how are they so amazingly better? And really is it such a huge step forward? In the price it definitely is (forward being upward).

        • Mechanical.Horizon

          It’s not a “huge step forward” at least for the rest of the world, GW is just catching up to current technology just like with the “sliding mold” technology they claimed to have “invented” when making the Baneblade. That method of injection molding has been around since the 70’s.

  • bensculpt

    Well resin casting is way more labor intensive than spin casting metal figs, so a price increase is no surprise, that and there the worst game company ever ! Just wait till all your models weapons break during gameplay! Then you can buy it again from them ,its a win win for them! They should probably just put everything on the back burner and replace this stuff w/ plastic kits as soon as possible.

    • Paintbeast

      “Well resin casting is way more labor intensive than spin casting metal figs”

      That is a common misconception. What most miniature and garage kit companies are doing with resin is very labor intensive; however, if you have the money to throw into the project you can automate resin casting and achieve roughly the same yield as you might expect from a good (better than what most of the gaming industry is using) white metal spin-casting system. Even waste, which is often sited as a major contributing factor in the cost of rein cast miniatures, is negligible with an automated or semi-automated system. I’m only guessing, but it looks to me like they are trying to recoup their new equipment investment within the year so that they can show large gains in 2012.

  • WOW!

    This on top of the new about overseas sales has just lost me as a GW customer.

    Sorry guys. You are not THAT good I need to buy at your prices 😛

    Thanks for the news guys.



  • tredhed


    Are they trying to drive themselves out of business??

    • Shades

      Only if you vote with your wallet. GW has exhibited the same behavior for many, many years, and war gamers still vote them to be the number one miniatures game company.

      • tredhed

        Well…looks like time to jump back on that bandwagon. I quit back when the squats were dumped…..only came back to it within the last year due to a new buddy wanting to play. I guess I will just trade for the last few things I want for my Space Wolves and call it quits to buying anything else from them.

  • farseer

    Well, Privateer Press, Battlefront, Wyrd Games, etc, should all be buying thank you cards and sending them to GW HQ and thanking them for increasing their 2011 sales.

    When will retailers realize they don’t need GW to make money?

    • Zac

      When will retailers realize they don’t need GW to make money?

      When the market for other games is as large as 40K and WFB. It currently isn’t. I don’t think that many stores would stay in business without at least 40K as a central item in their stores.

  • there are some stores here in Australia who manage now without selling GW… i think that they have been slowly haemorrhaging business to the other companies and I personally feel that this move will only help that process….

  • sarutobi45

    In France we have make a big competitor with Rackham , but after 7 years the games disappear.

    The US games are different , heroclix is always alive but the fig game is not “hype” anymore .

    In France the classic bordgame is hype on club and other association. Space hulk , blood bowl always have fans and new boardgame are bought by clubs. GW don’t like the clubs and associations, they don’t get prizes like before when a local club organize their events. Now they have seller every where so f#ck the club. In my club we will try DUST who is half a classic fig game and half a boardgame. The classic or new version of WH is hype for the fig player, after 10 years of 40K domination.

    I think the situation is the same and GW have only “forgotten” one thing : the boardgame.
    Do you imagine the impact of a bloodbowl prepainted game , ready to play, out of the box?
    When GW will be back they have ammo, and will cerainly forgotten the ” no prepaint ” swear. 🙂

  • Osbad

    Well, I was expecting that GW would not reduce prices just because they are replacing metal models with ones made out of a cheaper material. I didn’t expect such a significant increase though. Wow! GW never fail to surprise me at the lengths they are prepared to go to gouge their long suffering fanbase!

    I wonder whether this will be their “New Coke” moment? Or whether there are still enough dedicated customers remaining to carry them over this PR disaster?

  • Price, well not relevant for me. But I really don’t like resin, so I won’t be buying.

  • I could see the next thing they do is drop the discount they offer to retailers to 25% as a lot of retails are already discounting anywhere from 5-10% on some items in LGS and even more on net so by dropping the rate they offer to retailers they could increase their margin and stop retailers discounting and weed out internet sellers —

    GW is the 300 pound gorilla and no body else is even close in overall gross sales

  • Yotebeth

    We’ve got a couple stores here in Western Washington who do fine without selling much of GW stuff…
    It’s possible.

    And remember, the ONLY way that GW is going to pay attention is if you vote with your wallet. All the bitching and moaning in the world will do nothing if you keep giving them your hard-earned money.

  • farseer

    and that market will not grow until they give the bird to GW. Classic catch 22. The staff at the shops need to be willing to push and get customers excited about other products. My local shop does this quite well. GW games are on the calendar once every other month or so. PP games are weekly and Battlefront are every other week. They outsell GW there significantly.

    and lets not mention CCG’s or boardgames 🙂