Games Trust unboxes and assembles Stormtalon Gunship

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jun 2nd, 2012

Games Trust got a hold of a Stormtalong Gunship from GW and they were kind enough to make an unboxing and assembly video for us over on their website. Want to make sure you know where all the little bits go on it? I suggest you watch.
Note: The website is in German.

From them to you:

we made an outboxing and building video (54min) of the new Space Marine Stormtalon Gunship from Games Workshop.

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  • Of course, if you want to know where all the little bits go “correctly”, I recommend following the instructions that comes with the kit. That is unless you actually want the tail on backwards as they have done here?

    Thought I’d better point that out to avoid any bumpy landing for other would-be Talon pilots.


    • Good catch.. back when the Valkyrie was a resin kit, I did the same thing. At least on this model it’s a relatively easy looking fix.

      • Its easily done, especially with this and the Storm Raven because the correct (or at least ‘by design’) profile of the tail looks somewhat un-natural. There is a natural tendency to want to place it with the leading edges sweeping back.

        It nearly caught me out also.

        • Drachmann

          Thanks Carl, i will fix it,
          but i looks for me this way more natural…

          • The flaps are facing forward.. which is where the problem is.. not that the rest of the vehicle obeys any of our current design rules for aeronautics though…