Games & Gears posts Surface Stress Test video

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Dec 11th, 2012

Games & Gears has another video up showing their gaming boards and how sturdy they really are.

From the video:

This video shows the integrity of the Games & Gears gaming board being a little over 12″ outside the table surface. We pack out a ton of models on the exposed the Games & Gears Gaming boards with nothing holding them below. Click here to our Kickstarter page!

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  • Haibane

    Have to admit that I’m not particularly interested in this product, but just looking at the preview still on the video, the edges between tiles really stick out like a sore thumb, which immediately undermines any kind of added realism that the sculpted detail brings. Could be a side-effect of the way the tiles have been painted I guess.

    • Probably if the edges were painted in the highlight color they would blend in much better.

      I do love this project idea, but I just can’t afford it. 🙁

  • CptJake

    I don’t see the point in a table made up of all the same tiles, may as well use a mat. I know at some point they intend to have transition tiles but as is, there is really nothing ‘modular’ about this. The GW tiles are each different, and can be arranged multiple ways, that is modular in my opinion…

    This is a cool idea, and may eventually be worth getting, but right now they are just too limited in my opinion.

  • GamesNGears

    Thank for all your comments. Varagon is spot on. The video was more of a demo of the stress test. Thank you for your comments.There are Hybrid battle boards too and mauch more down the pipe line. We are very psyched and we hope to be able to get all our Gaming Boards to all those who want one. A quick big thanks you to all those on TGN who have pledged so far. Your pledge is making every step for closer to reality & making this happen. Thanks

  • lordofexcess

    I think this has merit, it is a cool idea. I think for me personally it is something I’d never invest in. I have a very large gaming space, I have a nice garage with plenty of woodworking tools, etc. So when I want a new play surface I just make one.

    However for an urban loft dweller, or a European city dweller I can see how something like this would be great. You could take it apart, store it in the closet and then convert your kitchen table into a right proper gaming table! So I see the market, I think that many Americans, with our sprawling suburban McMansions are not the target demographic here though. Again for me this would have some super limited use and I agree with some of the comments about the repetitiveness of the textures, etc.

    What I think I would buy from these guys would be say a 15 MM stylized board with roads, some building foundations, etc. etc. on this grid basis. That could have some extreme use. The tile size depicted in this video for example with roads, building foundations, etc. laid out on tiles that size … times enough of the tiles to do a six foot by 4 foot board … that would be worth picking up for me. Even at $300.00 or so. A standard board for use with 28 MM minis … I have endless options there, this is not enticing for me at that scale at all. Again I am not their target here though I don’t think.