Games & Gears posts Fields and Seas of War battle board photos

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 15th, 2012

Games & Gears added some photos to their gallery for their Fields of War and Seas of War battle boards.

From the updates:

Here is a close up of our Seas of Wars Battle board. This board has ultra fine detail and one we are most proud of. If you run your fingers across the board you can feel the texture even though it is super fine around 1mm.

Field Of War Battle Board. The sand/soil texture is super fine. Super fine detailed board. Great for your table top sci-fi, fantasy, historical, apocalypse and Steampunk war games & RPG games.

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  • Yorkie

    Im liking the look of these, im wondering if they will be producing a fully modular set, with hills, rivers etc.

    So long as the pricing is sensible, i think it will be a great product.

  • GamesNGears

    Yorkie! =) we are currently working on our video which will reveal allot more. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Cannot confirm nor deny the above. But we do have 18 months worth of product ready & working on the next 18 months. Kick Starter will be up end of this week. Thank you for you kind words and support. Thanks. Best, Games & Gears Team

  • Yorkie

    Sounds promising, ive been looking for a modular gaming set for a while, im a historical gamer, so im just looking for something that i can play various periods and scales on, just standard open tiles, river tiles, and hill tiles etc.

    Lightweight and sturdy, with perhaps some sort of clips to hold the tiles together during play. Im looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  • GamesNGears

    “Lightweight and sturdy, with perhaps some sort of clips to hold the tiles together during play.”

    You win the award for be accurate to the point of frieghtening! All I can do Is confirm the above. Thanks Steve,

    Games & Gears Team.