Games & Gears On Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 21st, 2012

Games & Gears has launched their Kickstarter for their terrain boards. Go check ’em out.

We are on Kickstarter. Check out our complete video. Your support is very much appreciated and we hope to get these to your homes soon. Best!

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  • cyphertheory

    pledged for one of the 6×4 tables. will be nice to have a textured table that doesn’t have compulsory hills and a couple of skulls wedged into every nook and cranny. very keen on getting a 4X4 RPG velvet table too, nice to add a touch of class to boardgames night

  • Maccwar

    I sat through the entire video and read the KS page and it failed to answer some basic questions.

    1) What are the boards made out of
    2) Do the boards need to be fully supported or are the clips strong enough to support an overhang.

    • Yep, same here, a bit confusing. But they have started to update their FAQ now.

  • Maccwar

    I’m sure this wasn’t there this morning:-

    Games & Gears Gaming Boards: Are made from hard quality plastic. They Are great quality attachable Gaming Boards at an affordable price. They all clip together and the Games & Gears clips are included with the Games & Gears Gaming Boards. They are easy to put together and then once you are done to stack away neatly taking very little space compared to traditional Gaming Boards. They are also are light, durable and clip tight and steadfast together. Design is top in our core business principles and we wanted to create a revolutionary product that will heighten your gaming experience. This is the first wave of products as we have 18 months worth of products to release. This will only be done if we can together have a successful kick starter with your pledge & support.