Games & Gears new gaming boards with accessory trays

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 12th, 2012

Games & Gears is a new company making gaming boards with accessory trays attached to them. Go check out their page.

From them to you:

Games & Gears are gearing up a line of high quality, attachable gaming boards with gaming trays attached. Please check our Facebook page and like it if you dig our boards and share it with everyone you ossibly can. We are very excited and we hoe you are too. More to be announced soon.

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  • Dewbakuk

    I really dislike facebook pages as company sites, information disapears far too quickly.

    Do they have a real webpage and/or somewhere to buy these from? I can’t find anything about prices on their facebook page.

    • cama

      I concur. I clicked through, realized it was facebook page, and closed it before anything even had a chance to load. It just screams “hokey and cheap” and “not ready for real business”. I despise facebook.

      Maybe when the company is “real”, I will be interested to learn more.

  • GamesNGears

    Dear Dewbakuk, website is still on the drawing boards and will not be live for a while. Should be up on Kickstarter end of this week. A 48″ by 48″ (inches) board would be arounf 80.00GBP including free shiping to the USA, EU, Canada & Australia. 6 by 4 100.00GBP shipping including int he destinations above. Trays and allot more will be unloack via stretch goals. The high quality boards are intended for every household. For now you can click on the pics on the Facebook page and view them one by one by clicking left or right. Best, Games & Gears Team.

  • GamesNGears

    All the prices for all the sizes and more will be live on Kickstarter end of this week. The gaming boards can be as big as you want them. Best, Games & Gears Team

  • cama

    For the love of god, not another kickstarter.

    Not interested.

    • Bobofreak

      Whats wrong with another Kickstarter? This is exactly what its for and at least this is not just another miniatures line. This seems like a fairly unique offering as far as Kickstarter and in the industry as a whole. I do agree with the lackluster Facebook page and I understand designing and implementing a full fledged commerce website can take some time but I think you would be better suited by propping up just an informational website. Not nearly the same level of effort or complexity to get that up.

      • Dewbakuk

        In my case, I don’t object to Kickstarter. My issue there is there is only so much money I’m willing/able to put into progucts that I’ll get on x date down the line. I’ve already backed some pretty big Kickstarters and that pot is now pretty empty. I think that’s an issue with the projects later in the year, people start to feel dried up.

  • Dewbakuk

    I have to admit, I’m all kickstarterd out. Prices seem pretty reasonable though so I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • GamesNGears

    =) Thanks for your kind words. We have 18 months of product line to shoot out. Kickstarter and the communities backing, dicated by the community will help us determine how fast we can get the rest of the incredible products out to you. We are using Kickstarter for its intended purpose to start something great we hope and for it to continue for many years as the Games & Gears team is invested in this for the long run. Best, Games & Gears Team.

  • Greyhound

    I’m sure you will do just fine with this product on Kickstarter.
    I understand the Facebook and Kickstarter dislike, and I sympathise with those who, like me, will be waiting for the company to have accomplished a lap around the stadium before we invest in your products.

    Having said that the product is very interesting and I will follow up with excitement your work in the weeks to come.

    Best of luck!

  • GamesNGears

    Absolutely and thank you again. We very much hope this initial start on Kickstarter is a great success. We have a ton of products planned and your support at every or any stage is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best, Games & Gears Team.

  • surprize

    I wish you all the best with the kickstarter, but I’ve got to say I don’t really get this. It seems to be a solution looking for a problem to solve! I don’t see the benefits of having little draws in my gaming board for dice and templates.

    My concern from an aesthetic point of view though is the logic of going for 12″ boards, (meaning 16 tiles for a 4×4 and 24 for a 6×4 board). So far all the tiles in a given theme seem to be identical, i.e. for a 4×4 cobblestone board you’d assemble 16 identical tiles. With such small tiles I’d hope to see a lot more variation in playing surface and variety of set-ups. Secondly I’d be concerned about how these tiles fix and stay together as a semi-rigid board, it seems as if they just sit next to each other on the table top? (so could get knocked)

  • Soulfinger

    Seems to be the budget alternative to the Geek Chic furniture.

  • At the same time, it fits perfectly for those skirmish games that play on 2’x2′ or 3’x3′.