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Games & Gears Episode 4 released

Games & Gears has posted episode 4 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Cast: Ross Thompson, Mouth Of The South, John Cadice (Soda Pop Miniatures), David Lewis (Dropzone Commander), Craig Gallant (Wild West Exodus), Kia Nesbit (Cipher Studios), Kevin Clark (Cool Mini Or Not), Micheal (Cool Mini Or Not)

Show notes:
00:00:00: Intro Music "The Constitution, death of the tyrant."
00:01:12: Intro segment and hobby!!
News Round:
00:15:22: Soda Pop Miniatures, Super Dungeon Explorer new expansion set coming soon!
00:32:33: Privateer Press new releases!!
00:40:57: Fantasy Flight Games: Relic!
00:45:20: Cipher Studios with Kia Nesbit. Helldorado Kickstarter!
00:59:00 Cool Mini Or Not With Kevin Clark & Micheal
01:26:35 Games Workshop: WarhammerQuest Game APP!
01:31:35: We go ove the fluff of the UCM faction from Dropzone Commander with David Lewis
02:10:30: Wild West Exodus Fluff exclusive with Craig Lead Writer of Wild West Esodus. The upcoming Miniatures game on Kickstarter.
03:06:02: End of show. The rise of Liberty.