Games & Gears: Early Delivery on Stretch Goal Pro Studio brushes

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Feb 21st, 2013

Games & Gears is rushing towards the end of their campaign. They’re now confirming that they can send out all the brushes in one, big wave once the project comes to an end and the brushes are ready to ship.

From the announcement:

Under 48 hours left. We can now confirm delivery of all 8 Pro Studio brushes in wave one!! Check out our update for more details. Great quality & great delivery

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  • Gallahad

    I am surprised that this isn’t doing a bit better. Even if you won’t use both ends of the brush simultaneously, you could just keep the cap on one and switch over to it after the first one wears out.

    I mean, for less than $40 US you are getting 16 sable hair brushes along with brush soap. It is the same sable hair used in Windsor and Newton series 7’s, and is less than $2.5 per brush! I hope they can make the final stretch goal (in part because then I get another brush!).

  • At which pledge level? The $25?

    They limited all the mid range levels, so now all that is left is low and high. I don’t care to pledge low for nothing and I can’t afford the higher levels.

    • Gallahad

      There are still a lot of slots left at the 25 pound level. As I said above, this effectively gets you 16 sable hair brushes. Check the latest update for a nice graphic showing what you get at pledge levels.

  • Definitely good for the money but I still feel like the limited themselves by having the other options locked to X number of backers. When I see what I missed out on by 5 pounds at the 30 pound point I really feel like 25 pounds gets me a whole lot of nothing comparatively.

    I understand they are early reward spots, but again, for my buck, I missed out and 25 pounds just doesn’t feel like that bargain. I’ve plenty of brushes anyway at this point.

    I do suggest people jumping in, as it is good product for the money. Just not for me.