Games & Gears announces Masters Hybrid Brush Line

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 5th, 2013

Games & Gears has announced a new line of brushes they’re going to be coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

Games & Gears has announced a custom version of their Games & Gears Pro Studio Line. Their Masters Hybrid Series Brush Line is an evolution to the Pro Studio line. Intended for Master Painters all over the world this superior higher end series consist initial of a mix of brush sizes on the Games & Gears dual head brush system. The following to be released in a few weeks:

00 – 0 Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush
1 – 2 Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush
3LX – 4RX Games & Gears © Masters Hybrid Brush

So you get two different sizes on the Games & Gears dual brush system. Pictures and more to be released within July. Release to follow very soon after.

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  • surprize

    Seeing as they claimed their kickstarter brushes were better than Winsor & Newton series 7, I guess these master’s brushes must pretty much paint the models for you?

  • mathieu

    I’d really like to see reviews of their Pro Studio line from people with extensive painting experience. Looks to me that all the pictures from customers on their FB page are mostly gaming models painted by gamers, not high end display pieces for which a high end brush would actually make a difference.

  • revoltgames

    Been following this company some. Got me super psyched and participated in their event last month. Here is some pics of models by Golden Demon winners and other classy stuff on their paint day page:

    found here:

    another one

    one i saw recently clicking on this new story and on their facebook page:

    A lot of sexy pictures of some great paint jobs with the their brushes. G&G excites me. Cannot wait till they start selling them the general public which include me.

  • mathieu

    The White Dragon fiddler looks cool, but it is mostly thanks to weathering techniques (for which a good brush doesn’t bring anything) than to particularly amazing brushes. And the finished pictures of the space wolf bust just show very heavy use of washes, again not anything you need good brushes for.

    In any case, and regardless of how good the paintjobs are, these aren’t reviews of the brushes. Even a comparison to something we know for an established fact to be good (like a Raphael 8404 or a W&N7) would be useful.

    • I can only comment on the brushes and replacements I received. Based on those I wont be replacing my existing GW and W&N brushes with these, simply not confident enough that their products live up to their marketing. I read plenty of anecdotal comments from backers who
      appear to be very happy, but I can only judge them by the brushes I have in my hand.
      For what it is worth Mathieu you can see a comparison here:

      • That was an excellent review that answered many questions! Thank you muchly sir!