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Games & Gears announce adhesive Battle Board Grid system for Dust Tactics

Games & Gears has announced adhesive Battle Board Grids for Dust Tactics for their Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

Games & Gears LLP and Dust Studio have partnered to produce a new add-on item for the current Games & Gears Battle Boards. Games & Gears will be producing an adhesive transparent grid sheet, specially made to the measurements of Dust Tactics grid system, to be layered on top of their Battle Boards. Dust Tactics players will now be able to add this item on to their existing pledges to enable them to play this fantastic game on their brand new Battle Boards!

"As fans of Dust Tactics and admirers of Dust Studio's amazing game. We are excited that Dust Tactic players, including ourselves will be able play and have cinematic games of Dust Tactics on our Games & Gears Battle Board. Good times!" - Creative Gamer.