Gamers on Games : Episode 191 : Heavy Gear Beta Interview with David McLeod

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 2nd, 2014

Gamers on Games has posted episode 191 of their vidcast up online for your viewing pleasure.


In this episode:

Aurora Demonstarter and David McLeod of Dream Pod 9 discuss Heavy Gear Beta and the future of Heavy Gear at Gen Con 2014.

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  • Dr.Falkenhayn

    new Ruleset sounds as busy as ever and he didn’t even talked about the Movement Phase lol makes CBT Feel like a Fastpaced Game…

  • tuco

    I’m sorry, but all I saw was a Batman symbol.

  • [email protected]

    I think she fell asleep at the end.

  • MaddGame

    [Ross voice] Could she BE any less interested [/Ross voice]

  • Kealios

    Yea, I was staring at the Batman symbol too, but I felt bad for the interviewee…she was SO BORING.

  • MaddGame

    Yes David tried his best to make it an interesting video.
    I would love to play Heavy Gear but the rules (original and Blitz) are soooo complicated (IMHO).

  • Lexthilian

    I would agree with some of the other posters…… about the batman symbol. This is a video in which I was hoping for a “wardrobe” malfunction.

  • cannondaddy

    They really aren’t as complicated as they seem. Once you have your head around and played a few times it’s becomes automatic. The old force building rules were complicated, I couldn’t do it without Gear Garage. There were tons of choices and upgrades (or downgrades). I haven’t looked at the new force building rules but the new combat has some good improvements.

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    Sounds like they couldn’t pick 1 mechanic to use so they put several of them together. I want to like Heavy Gear; I was a fan of the old video game, I like their designs, and I love robots blowing up other robots, but the rules and metal models have kept me away. Maybe changes will be made as the Kick Starter progresses.

  • Marauder

    There are lots of indy rule sets that can be used with these minis. Gruntz, Victory Decision and Strike Legion just to name a few of many.


  • Bad_Syntax

    I spoke with david for probably 30 min at Gencon. I loved HG1/HG2, but this new Blitz and now the beta blitz I hate. The new simplistic manner of the rules have run me off from the whole genre. He tried for a while to convert me but I’m one of those rare folks that don’t care for “easier” or “quicker to play” games.

    However, he did mention that DP9 would put their stamp on fan based stuff that fits within their IP, which was really cool. I’ll try updating some of these new blitz units/miniatures to the 2nd edition stats and creating a PDF with those, and seeing if it’ll get that stamp.

    I really loved HG when it came out. It was the only “hard” sci-fi miniatures game that actually played mostly realistically (ranges, EW, comms, fuel, etc). Removing all those details in Blitz turned it into another 40K clone.