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Gamers Lounge - Designers Corner Q8 Posted

Gamers Lounge has posted Q8 of their Designers Corner podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

Gamers Lounge


In this episode:

The Developers Corner is an 8 part series of segments where Bill has picked out a series of questions to pose to game developers. Three game developers participate in this first series, Toby from GCT, Romeo from WWX, and Dave from BHG. In these three developers we have a new but established game (Bushido), a newly launched game (WWX), and a game still in development (No Future). All three game designers talk about how they tackled the specific scenarios presented in their games. The recording of these segments was accomplished over a 3 month period with a format of each developer independently answering the questions posed by Bill.

This 8th and final question asks the developers if they designed their game as a primary or secondary game for players. There are a lot of games on the market in the miniature war-gaming space, and their answers show the thought behind this quandary when designing a game.