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Gamer's Guide to the Military now available from Quick and Easy Games

Quick and Easy Games is here to help if you want to know how various military establishments around the world work with their new Guide to the Military.

There are a lot of situations where gamers portray soldiers or spaceship crewmen, and have no clue how the military actually works. This may sound like no big deal if you aren’t going for realism. However, without some fundamental knowledge, gamers have a hard time keeping things consistent. That inconsistency can become really frustrating. So we published this book to save you from that.

Clayton Callahan has a Bachelors in Social Studies Education with a minor in History. He drew on that background to describe Roman and Medieval armies and navies; that can be used as a structure for any fantasy game. He also served in the US Navy as part of an anti-terrorist, special weapons team in the middle east back in the 1980s. More recently he served with the US Army in Iraq as part of an engineer battalion. Obviously, the guy knows some things about how the military ACTUALLY works.

Using this understanding, he wrote our short simple book to guide gamers through the world of all things military. What is the difference between an Army sergeant and an Army officer? What is a good way to lay an ambush? How are the Marines different from the Army’s Special Forces? Why are terrorists often attacking civilian targets? Who outranks who, an Air Force Captain or a Navy Commander? Buy the book and you will know the answers.

It has lots of ideas to get you started on your military role playing campaign. We have also met writers who used it to help them craft their stories. At a panel at Orycon it was held up by one of the speakers as a great reference for science fiction costume design.

If you are struggling to understand any aspect of military culture this is a great place to start. It’s only 31 pages but it might be the only military reference you ever need.