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Gamer Nation Studios Partners with Reaper Miniatures for Eons Kickstarter

Gamer Nation Studios has teamed up with Reaper Miniatures for the Eons board game Kickstarter.

From the announcement (lots of stuff after the cut) :

Denton, TX, Mar 4, 2013 — Today, Gamer Nation LLC, known publicly as Gamer Nation Studios announced that they have reached an agreement with Reaper Miniatures to produce a limited edition collectible as a part of their EONS Kickstarter campaign. EONS has drawn praise in recent weeks as more and more people are able to publicly play test the game, and the Kickstarter campaign funded by hitting the $18,500 goal in just over 2 weeks. With Two weeks remaining in the project, it is poised to break through the $20,000 mark today.

The Limited Edition will include over 160 individual pewter pieces, including 90 elemental tokens, 5 player focus tokens, entropy and phase tokens, essence coins and 5 masterwork figurines, created specifically by Reaper Minis for EONS. These figurines will not be sold individually. Each figure represents a cosmic architect, or deity if you will, charged with creating his or her own universe and will draw on the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth as well as Energy.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Reaper on this project, their quality is second to none and the unique opportunity to offer a truly collectible version of the game is incredible,” said David Villegas, Chief Executive of Gamer Nation Studios. Reaper Miniatures recently made history with one of the largest gaming related projects in the history of Kickstarter, raising over $3.4 Million for their new ‘Bones’ line of products which propels them into new territory with plastic Miniatures, launched in March of 2012.

The object of EONS is for players, who take on the role of “Cosmic Architect” to build their own universe, and as an architect it is their job to build stars and generate resources to build planets that are in turn supported by those stars. On the flip side, other architects are in competition to build better sets of cosmic bodies and will use real world events such as cosmic collisions, meteor strikes and supernovae to destroy stars and planets under other architects’ control in an effort to limit their influence and win the game.

Recently, an astronomy teacher from North Mesquite High School played the game in an open play test in Plano (yes, he won) and remarked that the game was ‘scientifically sound and fun to play’ and went on to say that ‘it is unique and I will use it in my classroom.’ The game is intended for audiences 14 years old and up, but a 12 year old participated in a recent play test and almost won the game, proving it to be a viable family title as well as an entertaining and educational game.

About Gamer Nation Studios:
The minority owned company was started in 2010 by David Villegas and Christopher Witt, two Product Managers in the financial services software industry. Their combined experience with product and project management of almost 10 years along with over 50 years of gaming experience lend immediate credibility to the brand and allowed them to launch their first game, Edition Wars, on Kickstarter, funding over 200% of their goal. The company has two other titles that have been announced in their gaming line, Hauler, an open road trucking game using resource gathering and delivery and Pillage, a card based game in which each player attempts to cause the most damage as they pillage the village.