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GameR Launches FreeZeBee Games Kickstarter Campaign

GameR has let fly with a Kickstarter campaign for FreeZeBee Games, their new fantasy sports board game. What fantasy sport? Well, we've seen plenty of football/soccer/rugby style tabletop games, but now we can add Ultimate Frisbee to the list. That's right, two teams of 4 take to the pitch to grab that flying disk and pass it off to their teammates without getting intercepted. Simply score 3 points in order to win. Full of feints, fakes, and high-flying action, FreeZeBee Games is certainly a unique new look at the fantasy sports game world.
The campaign is set to run for another 33 days.

From the campaign:

For the first time in the history of sports board games, Frisbee became the basis for the game. It's a real mix of fantasy and Frisbee! It is a fast and dynamic game for two players. For friends. For the family. And even to reconcile the two enemies.

How to play?

Each player chooses a team of four athletes, endowed with unique skills and abilities. You can build a game on speed, agility, skill, or to rely on the spirit of excitement and luck.

Teams are ready. Disk is on the center of the field. The game begins! Making passes to members of your team, it is necessary to move Frisbee forward. Only if you catch Frisbee in the area of the opponent, you earn victory points.

Do not forget that the enemy is cunning and greedy. Feints, fakes, blackmail and flirt are your weapons . Be ready to apply it as soon as possible!

What to do?

Attention will lead you to victory. Explore the personal card of your team. Identify the fastest, the most quirky, the most accurate players, then prioritize properly.

Also you need Hand of Athlete – to throw dice more than once or twice. Your hands may be tired, but you have no right to give up. Fight!

The third source of victory is your Luck. Hold your luck, tame and train you dice. No matter how sure of your team you are, this small hexahedron will never be your ally.

How do I know I've won?

Just three points! This little! But on the way to these three points you will live a real life, full of vivid impressions, tiny disappointments, but most importantly - a life ruled not by wealth and prestige, but the Spirit of the Game!

Spirit of the Game?

Yes, the Spirit of the Game! That's what all the other sports missing! FreeZeBee has no judges and no penalty points. There is no aggression and meaningless disputes. There is only the game itself! There are you and your friends. And even if you have uniform of different colors, you are still united.

Join FreeZe Bee Games and you will find friends.