Gamer Goggles posts Box Breaking 75 The Visigoth for Heavy Gear

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 19th, 2013

Gamer Goggles opens up The Visigoth tank for Heavy Gear in their latest video post.

From them to you:

In this Box breaking Matt tears open the main battle tank for the South. Then he assembles it. Make sure you assemble yours after the video – Matt noticed some things that could have made his life easier. All in all the Visigoth will be a fine edition to your build.

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  • 4:35: comment about treads being identical is incorrect. Front treads are identical, rear treads match their cap. They are marked L and R as a hint. Track Guards attach to the track fenders. An easier method is to dry fit all pieces first and then glue the fenders to the tracks before gluing the piece to the body. A small button of grey stuff putty in the space between track and fender can help it hold. The tabs that connect the track and fender sometimes need to be trimmed to fit them together properly. Never forget to dry fit. It is always worth the time.

  • Good building demo. Lots of nice tips and techniques to help raise your model building game.

  • Headlights usually go on the front. at 37:00 you can see the front track units are glued on back words. An easy mistake to do if you have to comment while building.