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Gamer Concepts running D20 Dice Bowl Kickstarter campaign

Gamer Concepts is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund D20 Dice Bowls. You can put your dice in there and some of those dice-within-dice in there and be all Inception-like.

From the campaign:

D20 Dice Bowl -- the giant D20 with a little secret!

You're a geek, you love your dice. But what have your dice ever done for YOU? (Apart from saving the paladin from that nycademon.) The D20 Dice Bowl is ABS plastic designed to hold whatever you want: dice, miniatures, more dice, candy, dice, or more dice. More handy than a haversack, less maintenance than paying a henchman! We are Gamer Concepts. We've been designing, printing, and shipping geek-oriented shirts and stickers for over ten years now and we are proud to bring you the D20 Dice Bowl!