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Gamelyn Games Launches Tiny Epic Quest Kickstarter

Tiny Epic Quest is the latest in the Tiny Epic game line from Gamelyn Games. A fantasy world is created that's full of adventure. It's up to your band of heroes to go out and explore it, looking for wrongs to right and foes to fight, completing quests while gathering more powerful items and spells. The group with the most points at the end is the winner.

In the game, players are in control of a band of 3 heroes. Rounds are broken up into two phases. During the Day Phase, players are looking to arrange their heroes in certain patterns using the various movement options available in order to complete the quests being shown. During the night phase, you'll grab the adventure dice and engage in a press-your-luck style bit of questing. You'll be looking to defeat goblins and acquire gear. However, if you roll poorly or try and go too far, you'll lose out on your gains, cause your heroes to have to rest, and certainly be behind in the next round.

A major feature of the game is the inclusion of Itemeeples. They're meeple miniatures that have spaces on them where you can attack gear. So your figure can actually carry around the magical sword and shield that they find while adventuring.

The Kickstarter campaign just launched today and is already way over their initial goal. Many stretch goals will be surpassed in the next 29 days, I am sure.