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GameKnight GameChips now available

GameKnight now has their GameChips available in their online store. I wouldn't suggest trying to eat them. They're not that kind of chips.

From the update:

GameKnight Products Inc is very pleased to announce that its first product, GameChips, is now available in our online store.

We noticed that many board gamers used regular poker chips as a replacement currency to improve their gaming experience. Although regular poker chips work they do not address all of the issues relating to game currency. Some regular poker chips don't have denominations, and even when they do, their denominations do not usually match those found in board games.

The goal of GameChips is to address those shortcomings by offering chips specifically created for the board gaming hobby.

GameKnight hired an experienced designer to create a set of chips that both looked great and provided the denominations commonly used in board games. Ceramic chips were chosen because the artwork can surround the entire chip. This is much more visually appealing than the use of printed inlays in the middle of the chip. (By using ceramic chips, the artwork can surround the entire chip, rather than just a circle on the face of the chip.)

One of the distinguishing features of this product is that our customers can completely customize their chip set. Buyers can order the exact quantity of each denomination based on their own gaming needs. Such flexibility is not available with traditional poker chip sets which are sold in pre-configured sets with no ability to customize the quantity or mix of denominations.

In terms of pricing, GameChips are comparable to other quality ceramic chips on the market.

Initially, GameChips were only available to our Kickstarter project backers, but they can now be purchased via our online store.