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GameCraft releases Mosques in 15mm and 20mm

GameCraft Miniatures have released 15 and 20mm Mosques. Mosque From their announcement:
Our 15mm and 20mm Middle East series have been missing one item for a very long time, Mosques. Well tonight we've remedied that situation with the first two mosque designs released simultaneously in both 15mm and 20mm. With the addition of our optional 15MMEV009 Minaret these will be amazing additions to your gaming table. The Minaret was designed to be a 15mm piece but at over 13” tall it would work fine in 20mm as well. We have one more design on the drawing boards that will be released this weekend, you can get a preview of it by going to the site and searching for 15MFBS041 or 20MFBS041.