GameCraft release new set of 1:285 scale Middle East buildings

By tgn_admin
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Aug 2nd, 2011

GameCraft Miniatures have released a set of new 1:285 scale Middle East buildings.

1:285 scale Middle East buildings

From their website:

Today GameCraft Miniatures have released a new series of middle east buildings in 1/285th scale. These structures are precision laser cut acrylic plastic kits and have open interiors. There are 20 buildings in the set and are sold as a complete set. With an average price of $1.50 per structure this is a great way to populate a city. Most of the buildings are very simple 5 piece kits (4 walls and a roof) and go together very quickly and easily thanks to the tab & slot construction.

For those that would rather not assemble buildings but would rather have solid resin cast pieces please stay tuned … all of these buildings will be available in cast resin as well in the next few days

  • I would like one of these sets in 20mm, please..

    • gamecraftminiatures

      Shakespear, every one of these buildings is available on the site in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm.

  • blackfang

    I must say it’s nice to finally see a budget terrain company that actually has budget prices.