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GameCraft release MDF structures

GameCraft Miniatures have released a new series of MDF based buildings. MDF structures From their announcement:
Today we have launched the first 8 items in the MDF series. To start we are working on the 15mm Middle East series, in the near future we will expand to the other scales and regions. When all items are released there should be about 40 items per series. All of the Middle East series buildings will be available with or without removable roofs. The MDF kits are very similar to the Foambaord buildings but these are more durable and can be made much more detailed. One very cool feature of this material is that we can laser engrave 3-Dimensional details into the wood material, if you check out the images below you will see that there are areas on the buildings where it appears that the plastering has flaked off revealing the stone blocks underneath.