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GameCraft release 15mm Middle Eastern Modular Building System

GameCraft Miniatures have released a 15mm Middle Eastern Modular Building System. 15mm Middle Eastern Modular Building System From their announcement:
Most of our 15mm and 20mm European style structures have been available in modular format, this system allows you to buy the pieces you want and assemble the buildings you want with only your imagination limiting what you can do. Well, the modular building system has been very well received and as a result we've decided to do the same thing with our Middle Eastern series. After several weeks of work, tonight we launched the first 9 pieces of the 15mm Middle East Modular Building System. The pieces represent walls with lengths of 20 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet and each wall section comes in single story, two story and three story. There will be other pieces added to this series including other style walls (matching exactly the dimensions of these walls to insure compatibility), accessories such as awnings, balconies, air conditioner units, sat dishes, etc, roofs, stairs, and more. Also we plan to offer this series in 20mm in the future.