GameCraft Miniatures has new tokens for Force On Force

By Polar_Bear
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May 22nd, 2012
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GameCraft Miniatures has your token needs covered for Force On Force (from Ambush Alley) with their new set available on their website.

From the website:

This large batch of markers works out to just over 22 cents per marker, only two pennies more than our blank .75″ round bases.

Set includes the following markers:

1 x “Hot Spot 1”
1 x “Hot Spot 2”
1 x “Hot Spot 3”
1 x “Hot Spot 4”
1 x “Hot Spot 5”
10 x “No Reaction”
10 x “Light Wound”
8 x “Hidden”
6 x “Overwatch”
6 x “TQ -1 Shift”
6 x “Suppressed”
4 x “Smoke”
8 x “Serious Wound”
4 x “Dependant”
8 x “Pinned”
6 x “Shaken”
15 x “-1 Fire Power”
6 x “Morale -1 Shift”
4 x “Buttoned Up”
4 x “Immobilized”
4 x “Main Gun Out”
8 x “-1 Crew”
4 x “Main Gun 1/2FP”

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  • jackgaudette

    Force on force rocks! Looking at the numbers of each individual markers provided, and having played the game I think it a nice marker set.