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Game Salute launches Chaos & Alchemy card and dice game on Kickstarter

Game Salute is looking for funding over on Kickstarter for their new card and dice game called Chaos & Alchemy.

From the campaign:

A quick playing card & dice game for 2-5 alchemists. Build up a laboratory of exotic innovations and be the first to turn lead to gold!

Chaos & Alchemy is a card and dice game designed by first-time creator Michael Iachini. Following a small self-published run in 2012, Game Salute is now working with him to produce an all new version, complete with incredible art from Enggar Adirasa and graphic design by Dann May that will make the game truly stand out.

By performing experiments in order to build your reputation you will work your way up to your greatest challenge - to transmute lead into gold in your very own alchemical laboratory! Only by successfully completing your experiments will you gain the abilities to become the very best... but you're not the only one trying to achieve the impossible.