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Game of Words card Game Up On TheHotStart

We all use words every day. But how good is your vocabulary? Mine's not as good as it was back when I was in grad school, I'm sure. Not using "the big words" has created a lacuna in my speech. (Ok, I remembered that one just for this post) Well, Game of Words is looking to help all of us out by expanding our word knowledge.

You can think of Game of Words as "game-ified flash cards," in a way. The cards have a word on one side and they give you synonyms for that word. The deck has 52 cards and so you can use it in a way like you do a Poker deck. Just think of the different groups of words as different suits and away you go.

The campaign is up on TheHotStart now. They're about 4/5 to their goal with still 22 days on the clock.