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Game of Quests Gamified Tracking App on Indiegogo

Game of Quests is a new application in development that turns your everyday life into a game. Not exactly a LARP, the game combines "check in" style apps with those to track fitness routines and adds a bit of a gaming twist to it. Do you want to level up your routine?


From the campaign:

Game of Quests is a mix of a game and activity tracking app.
Our first app is set in a fantasy world of elves, dwarves and humans.
It's not a typical computer game where you grab your keyboard, or a joypad and play, in our world real actions counts.
That's why our motto is play & progress. We will encourage users to develop their avatars, but also themselves.

We've set up interesting quests to help users to develop (GPS based, so every quest could be verified).
We've divided them into 3 categories: FITNESS, CULTURE, ECOLOGY.
Warrior Quests – The ones based on physical activities (running available in our beta app)
Mage Quests – Skill or culture based quests (check in library, museum, or cinema available in our beta app)
Druid Quests – Relationship, social and ecology based quests (cycling available in our beta app)

These 3 classes are independent, and switchable at any moment (we believe that no one can be pigeonholed in only one class, people are just too complex).

Still, like in a classical RPG game, a character is developed by gaining experience by accomplishing quests.

Users start their adventure with Game of Quests by creating their avatar.
First, you select a race (human, elf, dwarf), sex and skin type. You can also customize your avatar.
Then you start a game, completing mentioned above quests.

Our main goal is to create a passionate story, where user real-life actions are the key part of it.

If fantasy world isn't user most favourite, we are planning to introduce new universes if we will succeed at our crowdfunding campaign.