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Game Nite Magazine Issue 8 Now Available

Well, here in Atlanta we apparently just missed on out a semi-surprise snowmageddon. Of course, those further north of us did end up with some solid water falling from the sky. Sounds like a perfect time to snuggle up around the fireplace (or space heater, or whatever) and read a gaming magazine. Thankfully, Game Nite Magazine issue #8 is now available for your reading pleasure.

This issue's feature article is an interview with Game Designer/Artist/Publisher, Ryan Laukat of Red Raven Games. Then there's a book review of Game Design by Lewis Pulsipher. They continue on their Boardgame History series with Piquet and other Trick-Taking games. As with every issue, there's a print-and-play game. This time around it's The Butterfly Garden by Dr. Finn's Games. All that and more, and for free. So download yourself a copy now.