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Game Nite Magazine Issue #4 Now Available

Sometimes you're not able to get out a game nite at your LGS or your friend's house. So why not read all about it, instead, in Game Nite Magazine? Issue #4 is now available, and it's free to download and read. So why not go give it a shot?

This issue features several interviews. There's one with Ryan Dancey (L5R and WotC), one with Brian Snoddy (MTG and L5R artist), and one with Chenier La Salle (designer of New York 1901 and doesn't have anything to do with L5R). Along with that, there is the third installment of History of Tabletop Gaming, focusing on Ancient Rome. There's reviews of Chaosmos and Eurogames, among others. You can read about games in eduction. Plus, you get the print-and-play version of Maha Yodha. That's a lot of magazine for very little cost.