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Game Nite Magazine Issue #3 Now Available

Game Nite Magazine now has Issue #3 of their magazine available for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue continues their feature article series on the History of Tabletop Games with a look at games based on Ancient Greece. There's a trio of interviews with gaming industry legends Gerald Brom, Peter Adkison, and Reiner Knizia. There's also a print-and-play game from Nothing Sacred Games. So a magazine and a new game. Who doesn't love that?

From the release:

Issue #3 of Game Nite Magazine has been released. This issue includes interviews with Reiner Knizia, Peter Adkison and Brom. Part two of our "History of Tabletop Games" features games of Ancient Greece. This issues' "Print and Play" is "Shadow Throne" by Nothing Sacred Games. Plus, Game Reviews and more!