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Game Nite Magazine issue #2 released

Game Nite has issue 2 of their magazine now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. It's free, so why not check it out? The articles in this issue include part one of their History of Boardgames" set of articles, and interviews with Reiner Knizia, James Ernest, Franz Vohwinkel, and Mark Copplestone.
Did I mention it's free? So why not go check it out?

From the post:

Issue #2 of Game Nite Magazine has been released - and it is FREE!
This issue features interviews with Reiner Knizia, James Ernest, Mark Copplestone and Franz Vohwinkel, as well as game reviews and game related articles - including Part One of our "History of Boardgames" feature.
This issue's Print and Play features "Pairs" by James Ernest.