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Game Nite Magazine Issue 12 Now Available

For those that can't get enough gaming in their lives, there's many avenues to add in a bit more. You've got going and playing games. You've got talking about games. You've got checking on news for games. And, of course, there's gaming magazines. They're a great way to get a gaming fix. And Game Nite Magazine is one of the best out there. Their latest issue is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure.

This issue clocks in at a whopping 112 pages. What did they fill it with? Well, there's an interview with designer Mike Fitzgerald and Vincent Dutrait. There's also the next portion of their History of Tabletop Games series. Want to get some math into your games? there's a Top 10 Family Math Games article, too. There's the usual group of reviews, including Mobile App games. All that for free. There's really no reason not to check it out.