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Game Nite Issue 24 is Now Available

Filling your day with gaming is as easy as grabbing a gaming magazine. In this case, you can get the latest issue of Game Nite. As always, it's filled with all sorts of great info on various games, in this case, including Epic and Zertz. Plus, they sit down and have a chat with game designer Daryl Andrews. All that and more, and, as always, it's free.

In this issue:

Issue #24 of Game Nite magazine is now available. This issue features an interview with game designer Daryl Andrews ("Sagrada"). Our featured book review is "The Board Game Designer's Guide" by Joe Slack. We preview/review Alpha version of the digital app of "EPIC" the card game by White Wizard Games for the Android and iOS platforms. This month's featured Abstract game is "Zertz". We continue our series on Board Game Photography, this time Part 5 features: Lighting. Plus, game reviews and more! …and as always, FREE!