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Game Nite Issue 15 Now Available

You know, just because it's called Game Nite doesn't mean you only can read it at night (same can be said for when you listen to Epic Gaming Night Podcast, come to think of it). But if you are looking to fill your time with some more gaming info, picking up the latest issue (which is #15, for those of you keeping score) is a good way to do so. I mean, it's free. So why not?

In this issue:

Issue #15 of Game Nite magazine is now available. This 100+ page issue features interviews with game designer, Friedemann Friese, "The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game" designer Eric B. Vogel and artist Joshua Cappel. Three book reviews are included, "Game Theory 101 - The Complete Textbook", "The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gamint" and "The Creation of Narrative in Tabletop Role-Playing Games". We take a look at the recently released "Terra Mystica" app for mobile platforms. Our education series continues with "Recent Games with Educational Merit". Plus, more! And as always… FREE!