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Game Night In A Can Up On Kickstarter

Game Night in a Can is... well... an entire night's worth of gaming in one can. It's a party in a can. Yes, you can have a party in your can and everyone can be invited. Have I made enough terrible can jokes yet? One more? Ok. Once you get this shipped to you, you can shake your can at other people who you've invited over for a night of gaming. I'll stop now. Anyway, Game Night in a Can is 30 original games in one package.

The various games included are for all sorts of things. They include games of skill, games of chance, games of inventiveness, and all other sorts of things. A couple examples they have is bouncing paper balls off of someone's forehead and catching them in the can, or you could be creating a new national anthem for a foreign country (memories of Borat here) They suggest having 5-20 people for the games, so this is definitely one to get out when you've got a whole mess of friends over. And since they figure you'll play between 6-8 games in an evening, there's millions of different game nights you could have before you have the exact same one again.

The campaign's up and running now and is set to go for another 27 days.