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Game Master’s Guide to Friends Now Available

New Realms Publishing has released their Game Master's Guide to Friends.
No, this isn't a guide for the socially awkward and how they can find other friends. This is about bringing comrades, followers, informants, and so forth into your gaming campaigns. It's not game-specific, so you can use it in whatever system you happen to be playing.


From the release:

The door creaked open and then slammed against the cabin wall. Wind and snow blew out of the darkness and swirled through the room. A woman wrapped in furs stepped in out of the storm.

“The invasion has begun. We need your help,” she said.

Welcome to the Game Master’s Guide to Friends!

The Game Master’s Guide to Friends is the first in a new series of role playing game supplements from New Reams Publishing. Suitable for any role playing game, the Game Master’s Guide to Friends provides the GM with advice, ideas and examples for including friends for the player characters in a campaign. From comrades and captives to informants and supporters, player character friends can play a fun and important role in your campaign, making encounters, adventures and events much more personal for the characters.

Add the Game Master’s Guide to Friends to your campaigns today.