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Game Knights, a new web series looking for funding on Indiegogo

Game Knights is a satirical web show about RPGs. They're looking for some funding over on Indiegogo.
I figured that we play the Pretty In Geek series (a new episode up this Saturday, by the way), we could post about this one as well.
As an aside, I would be interested about what people think about these shows. Comment below.

From the campaign:

I shot a 15 minute pilot and it was selected to screen at Gen Con film festival this year. I wanna shoot the first episode soon.

We have placed top 10 at
We were selected to screen at Gen Con 2012 Film Festival
We were interviewed by the great people at

Game Knights is a half-animated show about a bunch of geeks, fanboys and just plain wackos with one thing in common, they can’t wait to get off work to play Beasties and Bygones a roleplaying game of adventure that takes them into a new world where they can be the people this modern world can’t allow them to be.

The actors play two characters. The players playing the game in real life and the characters they imagine they are in animated adventures.

Please check out the perks that are available.