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Game Fleet Productions Launches Clockwork Armada Kickstarter

Game Fleet Productions takes to their with their new Clockwork Armada game now on Kickstarter. In the universe of Clockwork Armada, planets are flat and above you stretches the infinite "deep sky." Physics as we know it here aren't quite a thing, and thus it allows massive ships to flap and float themselves upwards. Of course, differing ideologies follow and soon, massive fleets of flying ships are vying for supremacy among the clouds. The game is played using resin and metal figures that you can paint and customize. For the first wave, they have 7 ship designs for each of the factions.
The campaign is up and running now and is set to last another 32 days.

From the campaign:

Clockwork Armada is a tabletop miniatures game of space battles set in a fantastical alternate reality. In this universe, planets are flat, and the laws of physics function on very different principles. The upward rushing hurricane that makes up outer space is known as the deep sky, and strange alien life hides in the mists. The battles that you take part in will act out the stories of the kingdoms and cultures that sail their clockwork ships between these worlds.

Clockwork Armada uses highly detailed resin and pewter miniatures to represent the warships of each faction. All backers of pledge levels that offer miniatures as rewards will receive a survey after funding is completed, allowing them to choose what classes of vessels to receive for their backer rewards. Many different ship parts for each faction's capital ships will allow for a total of seven unique cruiser and battle cruiser variants to choose from per faction.