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Game Developer Consultation Pledge Level Added To Argo Kickstarter

The campaign for Argo, the new sci-fi miniatures board game from Flatlined Games, is just about done. There's only a couple days left in the campaign. Its made it over its funding goal, so it's just breaking through some more stretch goals. To help that along, Flatlined has added a new, and somewhat unique pledge level for the campaign.

The Game Developer Consultation pledge level is pretty much more for you than it is for them. Sure, you get a copy of the game. But what you're really pledging for is a chance to get a real game designer to look over your prototype game and see what they think about it. For the pledge level, you'll get 12 hours of consultation time with Flatlined Games. They'll look over your game, try it out, and give you their feedback. Note: You sorta already have to have a game ready to go before they'll look over it, obviously.

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