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Game Boy Geek Season 6 Kickstarter Running Now

Game Boy Geek is looking to create a 6th season of their show. Their mission is to help you find the next board game you'll love. As part of the campaign, you can get cool tchotchkes based on the show, but you can also get some extras for a whole bunch of different board and card games. You should go check it out.

From the campaign:

My name is Dan King a.k.a The Game Boy Geek and over the last 5 years I have produced over 1500 board game videos that have had over 6 million views. My mission from day one has always been Helping You Find the Next Board Game You'll Love.

In the past year I produced approximately 400 videos (more than one per day) where I reviewed, taught, ranked, and compared games.

YOU (the viewers) benefit from my videos by:

Helping you find the next board game you'll love by attacking reviews with hi-energy.
Investigate 5x more new games than normal by quickly using my 2 minute "Allegro" format.
Helping you enjoy the next board game you'll love by teaching you how to setup and play the game without reading the rules yourself in my "Rules School" videos.
Helping you stay away from certain games that you may have otherwise spent money on.
Making you aware & providing details of the latest games in the industry.
Find games that are best for your non-gamer friends & family from our "Gamer Tested - Spouse Approved" series.
Learn about which games I think are the best from top 10 lists.
Get the latest information from the largest conventions in North America.
Listen to my reviews (intros and final thoughts) via an audio podcast while you're on the go.

What We Need & What You Get:

Donations to the Game Boy Geek will allow me to get closer to helping you find the next board game you'll love full time. The $20,000 goal will allow me continue spending as much time as I can on the channel in addition to my normal full time job as an engineer.

Going beyond the $20,000 goal will help me approach my channel full-time (3x the funding goal will get me full time). It will also allow me to do the following:

Procure more equipment needed to create better videos.
Travel to more conventions which helps me keep up with the latest news and major developments in the industry.
Allow me to get closer to working full time, which will equate to more quantity & better quality.
Spend time planning new and innovative ways to keep you informed on the latest in the board game industry.

The campaign is quickly approaching its goal with still 25 days to go.