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GAMA Trade Show 2011 Vendors and Exhibitors Link List

Trask at Living Dice has started compiling the GAMA Trade Show 2011 Vendors and Exhibitors Link List. From their website:
Next month is the Game Manufacturers Association trade show, covering all aspects of gaming from card and board games to role-playing games and game printing. So, it is time again for my yearly link list of all the exhibitors.   This year’s list of exhibitors is  shorter than last year’s list. Shorter than I expected, but more companies will finalize plans in the coming weeks, so the list will grow.  The usual suspects are in attendance (WOTC, Wizkids, Wyrd) , as are some new faces I have never seen at the show before.   New companies are always exciting and I look forward to checking out their wares.  In an interesting coincidence, Outrider Hobbies and Battle Foam are both in attendance as well. Given their legal entanglements last year it could  be interesting.