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Galloping Major releases Settlers

Galloping Major War Games previews work-in-progress on the up-coming Provincials.

Settlers Making Ready

From their announcment:

The next releases for Galloping Major's 28mm French & Indian War range will be two packs of armed settlers for defending farmsteads, cabins and settlements against the depradations of hostile nations and their French and Canadian allies. Customers who have seen the preview pictures have said they also intend to use them for militia (we'll be releasing Anglo-American Militia in coats later) for both FIW and AWI, and for other mid 18th Century roles such as smugglers and revenuers. More of these greens are pictured on the Studio page of the website, along with work-in-progress on the up-coming Provincials.

These will be joining the Mohawk, Huron, Canadian Militia and Rangers already available in the range.